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Welcome to The Paper Doll Garden! I am Morty the mushroom, and Jo has asked me to keep an eye on things here for her, so if you need anything while you are here please let me know!

Jo has just added brenda, a paper doll she made as per a suggestion sent to her from someone commenting on this site. She has also added a Ville Valo paperdoll that she made for some of her friends on the HIM board. There are also four new mini sets (one of which also came from a sugestion sent to her) and one new mini set in Mom's Little Acre where Jo showcases her mother's Paper Dolls. And if you're really bored visit her Random page which she has also finally updated!

She is working on two other sets, and hopefully will have them done soon! if you want to be notified when she adds new things then join the mailing list for updates!

Jo wants to thank everyone who has sent comments and suggestions to her and apologizes that she hasn;t updated the site recently. She has been very busy lately with a lot of things happening, and wants to let everyone know that she has written down all of your suggestions and has them on a list to do as soon as she can get to them!

I hope you enjoy your time here, please feel free to take a look around and send me a note if you have any ideas/suggestions/complaints/etc. Thanks for stopping by!



Morty has welcomed this many people since 8/1/05

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